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Posted on: June 22, 2021

Water Restriction Enforcement

Door Hanger

With summer temps soaring, the City of Rosemount has seen a higher than normal demand for water. In a typical summer, the city sees high use demand go to 6M gallons on a single day. In 2021, numbers have already climbed to 8M gallons. This level of demand can tax our water system and put us at risk for issues with water needed to fight fires. In order to manage summer watering demands, caused mostly by lawn and landscape irrigation, the city has annual watering restrictions that are in place from May 1 to August 31. Due to the surprising increase in demand this year, the city is beginning a focused effort to increase awareness and begin enforcement when necessary. 

In addition to social media posts, educational videos, and an extra newsletter article, city staff will be doing direct outreach utilizing informational door hangers placed directly on homes who are watering outside of their allotted times. The first notice, a blue door hanger, will provide education to inform residents who may be unaware of the restrictions. A second notice, a yellow hanger, will act as a written warning and begin a formal enforcement process. 

In addition to extra educational efforts, the city will be participating by temporarily reducing the hours of the Central Park Splash Pad. Hours will be reduced from 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. to 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. beginning on June 25. If we all cooperate, including Mother Nature, we hope to have the Splash Pad at full capacity again soon. The ultimate goal is to save water, decrease the stress on our infrastructure, and avoid a full watering ban. 

Know When to Water Your Lawn 

From May 1 through August 31 each year, lawn and landscape watering is restricted to odd-even days (based on house address) before 12 noon and after 6 p.m. Watering is prohibited between 12 noon and 6 p.m. each day for all residents. Only those with new sod and landscaping are allowed to water outside the restricted times for the first 30 days after installation.

Please contact the Public Works Department if you have any questions about the watering restrictions by emailing us at or calling at (651) 322-2022. 

Penalties for Violations: 

    1st Violation: Education Notice

    2nd Violation: Written Warning

    3rd Violation: $50.00

    4th Violation: $100.00

    5th  Violation: $200.00

Per City Code (Title 4, Chapter 1, Article A-3), violators of this restriction maybe be subject to misdemeanor charges.

Helpful Conservation Tips

  •     DON’T over-water your lawn. Most lawns need about 1” per week to remain healthy and green.
  •     DON’T collect grass clippings when you mow; the clippings provide shade for the soil and help prevent evaporation.
  •     DO comply with the City’s odd-even watering restrictions to help prevent extreme demands on the water system.
  •     DO position your sprinklers so the water lands on the lawn or garden, not on paved areas.
  •     DO let your lawn go dormant during drought conditions; this saves water and time spent mowing.
  •     DO choose shrubs or ground cover instead of grass for hard-to-water areas (steep slopes or isolated strips)

This information and additional tips about water conservation can be found year-round in the Public Works section of the city website. 

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