2022 Street Improvement Project


This project includes full depth reconstruction and pavement rehabilitation on the streets show on the project map.

The project scope provides for a full depth reconstruction of:

  • Bacardi Avenue West between the edge of pavement and 128th Street West
  • 128th Street West between Bacardi Avenue West and Bengal Avenue West
  • 130th Way between Bengal Avenue and 130th Street West
  • Bengal Avenue between 128th Street West and 130th Street West

This area was recently added to the Municipal Urban Service Area as part of the 2040 Comprehensive Plan.   Thus, extending water and sewer service to this area can be accomplished.  It should be noted that these extensions are necessary as there are residences in this area that have septic systems that are starting to fail.   As part of this project, utility services would be stubbed to the right of way for each property, but the actual connection to the residence would need to be paid by the resident. 

The secondary project scope provides a pavement rehabilitation in the form of either a mill and overlay or reclamation on the following streets:

  • Biscayne Avenue West between 130th Street West and the end of pavement, approximately 2,670 feet
  • 126th Street West between Biscayne Avenue West and Bacardi Avenue West
  • Danbury Way between McAndrews Road (CSAH 38) and the City Limit
  • Chinchilla Avenue between McAndrews Road (CSAH 38) and the southern cul-de-sac
  • 127th Court West between Chinchilla Avenue and the cul-de-sac

This would provide a new road surface for the residences abutting the street.  

Meetings and Presentations

  • Neighborhood Meetings
    • October 2021
  • Improvement Hearing 
    • November 2021
  • Assessment Hearing
    • April 2022


  • Neighborhood Meeting - October 2021         
  • Public Hearing on Improvements - November 2021
  • Design Complete, Order Ad for Bids - January 2022
  • Open Bids and Award Construction Contract - March 2022
  • Assessment Hearing on Improvements - April 2022
  • Construction - Spring/Summer 2022

Project Contacts

Please contact one of the following people if you have questions about this project:

Alex Mollenkamp, Project Engineer

WSB (Design Consultant)


Brian Erickson, City Engineer

(651) 322-2025