2022 Street Improvement Project

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The 2022 program provides a pavement rehabilitation in the form of a reclamation on the following streets:

  • Biscayne Avenue West between 130th Street West and the end of pavement, approximately 2,670 feet
  • 126th Street West between Biscayne Avenue West and Bacardi Avenue West
  • Danbury Way between McAndrews Road (CSAH 38) and the northerly City limit (at the cul-de-sac)
  • Chinchilla Avenue between McAndrews Road (CSAH 38) and the southern cul-de-sac
  • 127th Court West between Chinchilla Avenue and the cul-de-sac

This project will provide a new road surface and drainage improvements as necessary along each of these streets. The limits of construction proposed on these streets can be viewed on the project map.  


Project Contacts

Please contact one of the following people if you have questions about this project:

Tim Hanson, Senior Project Manager                                  
WSB & Associates (Design Consultant)            
(651) 286-8459                                                                      

Brian Erickson, City Engineer
(651) 322-2025