Biscayne Avenue Improvements


This project is proposed to convert Biscayne Avenue from Boulder Trail to 160th Street to an urban paved roadway.  The improvements include construction of a pedestrian trail, sanitary sewer extension, and stormwater utilities.

​Proposed Schedule

  • February 7, 2019 - Neighborhood open house
  • Jan-Feb 2020 - Bidding process begins
  • Summer-Fall 2020 - Construction
Please contact one of the following people if you have questions about this project:

Stephanie Smith, 
 Assistant City Engineer
(651) 322-2015 (office)

Mike Warner,  Project Manager (Bolton & Menk)
(651) 704-9970 x 2694 (office)

Brian Erickson, Public Works Director / City Engineer
(651) 322-2025 (office)