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July 10, 2019

Graphic showing people high-fiving for adopting a storm drain

Happy July, Rosemount!

Hope your lawns and gardens are lush and flowering. All this rain has been so helpful to our plants! But rain that falls in urban settings can actually be bad for our natural world. Rain picks up debris (like grass clippings, leaves, fertilizer, oil, road salt, and pet waste) and carries this debris into our storm drains, which drain to our ponds, lakes, rivers, and eventually into our oceans.

You can help! The Vermillion River Watershed JPO has partnered with Clean Water MN on a citizen engagement program to help stop this water pollution. 

It’s called “Adopt a Drain”! Volunteer fifteen minutes, twice a month to clean up drains in your neighborhood and to help reduce water pollution. You can learn more about the program here:

And keep your eye out for another exciting project unfolding in Rosemount this summer: our stormwater drain education mural! 

-Jes Braun, MN GreenCorps member serving in Rosemount

July 2, 2019

Rosemount’s first prescribed goat grazing was a huge success!

Thank you to everyone who came down to say hi to our quirky little workers. It’s been quite a transformation to see the buckthorn and garlic mustard stripped clean by hungry goats! Take a look at some of the before and after photos below: 

Photo of before and after goat treatment in woods

Photo of before and after goat treatment near park path

Photo of before and after goat treatment on hill

Some things to note for the future:

The goats did an excellent job of munching down the invasive plants. It may look like there isn’t a lot going on but now the native plants that are laying dormant will have a chance to get some sunlight and nutrients and sprout up this summer. The goats were able to do their work without raising big smoke plumes or affecting air quality, all while laying down fertilizer and removing the invasive seeds from the seed bank, so go eco-goats!  

Photo of goat on hill

But there is no "one shot and done" method for vegetation control! 

The buckthorn and other invasive plants will try to come back for round two, but we will be waiting for the emergence, and fighting back! Watch out for the next phases of our plan. Who knows? Maybe the goats will be back again, too!

-Jes Braun, MN GreenCorps member serving in Rosemount

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