How You Can Help

OK Rosemount, time to get your green on.  Below is a list of green habits that you can take up to help keep this community the great place to live that it is.  Embedded in the list are links to more information, technical assistance, or financial assistance.  Whether you’re just starting down the path of sustainability or an expert, we think you’ll find something to help you along.  

Recycling, Composting, and Trash

  1. Know what and how to recycle
  2. Recycle your food scraps
  3. Know how to dispose of hazardous wastes
  4. Learn how to get rid of large or unusual items
  5. Learn how to dispose of yard wastes
  6. Learn how to compost 

Yard & Garden

  1. Install a native plant garden or a raingarden
  2. Get a grant or rebate for your garden
    1. Landscaping for Clean Water Grant
    2. Rosemount Stormwater Rebate
    3. Lawns to Legumes (L2L) Grant
  3. Install a rain barrel
    1. RAM Rain Barrel Sales
    2. Dakota County Rain Barrel Discount
    3. Rosemount Rain Barrel Rebate Application
  4. Do not over fertilize
  5. Know how to mow
  6. Select drought tolerant lawn grass
  7. Plant trees
  8. Sweep up materials spilled on roads, sidewalks, and driveways            

Water Conservation

  1. Get a rebate for your water efficient upgrades
    1. Get an irrigation audit
    2. Replace inefficient toilets
    3. Replace inefficient washing machines
    4. Get a smart irrigation controller
  2. Know how much to irrigate
  3. Replace inefficient water softeners
  4. Fix leaks


  1. Get a home energy audit
    1. Energy audit program for Xcel Energy & CenterPoint Energy customers
    2. Energy audit program for Minnesota Energy Resources customers
  2. Explore rebates and grants with your natural gas and electrical provider
    1. Energy saving rebates & grants for Xcel Energy customers
    2. Energy saving rebates & grants for Dakota Electric customers
    3. Energy saving rebates & grants for Minnesota Energy Resources (MERC) customers
    4. Energy saving rebates & grants for CenterPoint Energy customers


  1. Take public transportation
    1. Minnesota Valley Transit Authority information
    2. Metro Transit information
  2. Ride a bike to your destination
  3. Walk to your destination

Get Your Place of Worship, HOA, or Business Involved

  1. Get an irrigation audit for your HOA
  2. Install a raingarden or native plant garden or other stormwater improvement
    1. SWCD Financial Incentives information
  3. Volunteer for a project
  4. Take advantage of energy saving programs
    1. Xcel Energy programs for business customers
    2. Dakota Electric programs for business customers
    3. Minnesota Energy Resources (MERC) programs for business customers
    4. CenterPoint Energy programs for business customers
  5. Hire Smart Salt Certified companies and individuals to remove snow and ice


  1. Adopt-a-Drain
  2. Monitor a wetland
  3. Become a Minnesota Water Steward
  4. Suggest a project for your or your group
  5. Join a commission

Report Environmental Issues

  1. Report illegal dumping or spills
    1. Report a Public Works Concern online form
    2. 651-322-2022 M-F 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
    3. 9-1-1 for emergencies
    4. 952-322-2323 weekends and after business hours
  2. Report suspected air quality violations
    1. Submit a complaint to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
    2. Report environmental violations to the US Environmental Protection Agency
    3. The Minnesota Duty Officer information

Other Sources of Information

  1. Living Green 365
  2. Watering Wisdom Webinars
  3. Conserve & Preserve Blog
  4. Information on 5G & Cell Towers
    1. American Cancer Society Information on Cell Towers & 5G
    2. U.S. Food & Drug Administration Information on Cell Phones & 5G
    3. Federal Communications Commission Information on Cell Phones & 5G


Do you think there is an item missing from our list?  Would you like more information on how to tackle a particular environmental issue?   Email the City or call 651-322-2075.