Community Survey

A survey of Rosemount residents shows positive opinions about the community as a whole and the performance of City government. The Rosemount City Council commissioned the survey from The Morris Leatherman Co., which has conducted similar studies in more than 90 Minnesota communities.
Quality of life chart
The results indicate Rosemount rates highly in many categories. When asked about the quality of life in Rosemount, 96 percent in the sample judged it excellent or good – putting Rosemount in the top 10 percent of cities surveyed. When respondents were asked what they think about the direction of the community, 88 percent said Rosemount is moving in the right direction, again one of the strongest showings in the metro area.

Survey takers heard that 38 percent in Rosemount feel the sense of community is excellent, a big increase from the most recent survey conducted in 2007. The result is one of the strongest in the metro, according to the survey firm’s president, Bill Morris.

Morris shared his analysis of overall results with the City Council during its meeting on July 15. “The improvement over seven years from 2007 to 2014 is remarkable – very statistically significant, and all of it tending to point in the upward direction,” Morris told the Council. “You have a citizenry that is very, very connected to local government – exceptionally so. They like the direction that you’re moving in. They like the policies that have come out.”

Seventy-two percent take part in neighborhood activities, which Morris said is “absolutely the high end of the metropolitan area.”

Value of services chart
A large majority – 86 percent – rated City services as excellent or good. Only 12 percent rated them fair or poor. Fire, Police, and emergency dispatching services were rated positively in the high 90s.

Another large majority – again, 86 percent – say they feel empowered to have a say about how the City is run beyond voting every two years.

Additional findings:
  • When asked what the biggest problem is, 25 percent replied “nothing.” Morris told the Council that the typical number in the Twin Cities metro is around six percent.
  • 38 percent said they believe Rosemount residents have an excellent sense of community, a marked increase from 2007 and among the top levels in the metro.
  • Even though the lowest rated service among those listed was street maintenance, it nevertheless got a positive marking from 61 percent; the norm for the metro is roughly 45 percent.
  • 90 percent approve of the work of the Mayor and City Council and 88 percent give City staff a positive review – both in the top tenth of metro communities.

Morris indicated that other qualities in the top ten percent for Rosemount compared with other metro cities are quality of open space and parks, attendance at community celebrations (for Rosemount, Leprechaun Days), and readership of City publications.

Morris Leatherman Co, conducted the survey by telephone May 6-21, 2014. The randomly selected sample totaled 400 respondents. The margin of sampling error for questions posed to the entire sample is plus or minus 5 percentage points.