Council goals and legislative priorities

Each year the Rosemount City Council meets in sessions dedicated to discussion of long-term issues of significance to the community and to set a vision. The discussion results in the adoption of explicit goals and initiatives that guide the work of City staff and the Council itself to prioritize work flow, budgeting decisions, and objectives. The City Council approved its 2018-19 goals in early 2018.

The City Council also approved an list of legislative priorities that it supports during the 2019 session of the Minnesota Legislature. [Read the draft 2019 legislative priorities.]

Grow Rosemount – Encourage Business Growth and Address Public Amenity Needs

  • PURSUE retail and commercial opportunities in existing and future development areas.
  • IMPLEMENT partnership third party retail marketer to increase successes in business attraction efforts.
  • EXPAND housing, business, and employment opportunities at UMore Park, 
  • as well as opportunities in the Business Park.
  • UNDERSTAND the community’s youth amenity needs and pursue projects accordingly, including the completion of previously scheduled park improvements.
  • RESPOND to and consider implementation of the recommendations of the Facilities Task Force for future public facility needs.

Engage the Public – Increase Civic Engagement Initiatives

  • CREATE a social media strategy that considers the realities of 21st Century communication.
  • EXPAND upon existing engagement efforts (OpenGov etc.) and pursue additional technologies and best practices.
  • IMPLEMENT mobile-friendly means of connecting with the City and community.
  • OUTREACH to neighborhood associations, faith groups, and other opinion leaders to ensure City communications / strategies remain relevant.

Develop the Organization – Attract, Retain, and Grow Employees

  • BUILD a highly skilled workforce by providing professional development and training opportunities to staff.
  • UTILIZE technology and partnerships to improve efficiencies and workloads.
  • COMPLETE annual employee reviews to include discussions of employee’s growth and development goals.
  • PURSUE succession planning across all departments, specifically in areas of expected change.