Tips for Recycling

The following materials may be placed in curbside recycling bins:
  • Magazines and Catalogs: This includes shiny magazines like People, Sports Illustrated, etc.
  • Corrugated Cardboard: Cardboard needs to be broken down and tied into bundles. Please call your garbage hauler for preparation requirements. Cardboard should be kept separate from other recycled materials. Please note that the following are not accepted as recyclable - waxy or glossy cardboard, pizza boxes, and 12- or 24-pack beverage boxes.
  • Cans: Food and beverage cans, which include aluminum, tin, steel, or bimetal. Cans should be rinsed clean.
  • Glass Bottles and Jars: Food and beverage bottles and jars only, including clear, green, and brown glass. Rinse clean and remove caps, lids, and rings. Please note that drinking glasses, ceramics, window glass, glass cookware, and glass mirrors are not accepted.
  • Newspaper: This includes the glossy pages and advertisements.
  • Phone Books
  • Plastic Bottles with a Neck: This includes pop, milk, cooking oil, laundry soap bottles, etc. Rinse clean and throw away caps, pumps, and rings.
  • Plastic Containers: With #3 through#7, such as yogurt cups, ice cream buckets, and margarine tubs. Plastic bags are now being collected by some haulers. Call your recycling service provider for details.
  • Mixed Mail: Includes envelopes / bills / letters, glossy advertising mail, but no foil-lined envelopes or cards.
  • Yellow Pages Telephone Directories: see Reducing page.

Special Note on Plastics

Some plastics are recyclable while some are not. Some recycling haulers are collecting more types of plastics than in the past, so contact your recycling hauler for a detailed list of which types they accept from your curbside recycling bin. Place recyclable plastics in with curbside recycling. For plastic bags, call your recycling service provider and check if they accept plastic bags for recycling, or bring plastic retail bags to The Recycling Zone or select local grocery stores for recycling.

If recycling is not an option, place plastic bags in the garbage. Place nonrecyclable plastics such as toys and containers that held automotive and yard products in the garbage. Call your recycling service provider for a complete list of nonrecyclable plastics. Place nonrecyclable plastics in the garbage. The Recycling Zone (formerly known as the Dakota County Eco–Site) will accept packing peanuts.