Water Conservation


The City of Rosemount works hard to provide adequate amounts of clean, safe water to its residents and businesses. Conserving water, especially during peak summer usage months, will help ensure that the water system can provide enough water for primary needs such as drinking water and fire suppression. The table below summarizes Rosemount’s water system activity over the past four years:
Total gallons pumped
815 MG
813 MG
920 MG
924 MG
Average gallons pumped per day
2.23 MG
2.23 MG
2.52 MG
2.53 MG
Average gallons pumped per day (Jun - Aug)
3.72 MG
3.56 MG
4.52 MG
4.22 MG
Max gallons pumped in a single day
6.40 MG
(Aug 16)
5.89 MG
(Sep 27)
6.02 MG
(Jun 27)
6.88 MG
(Jun 9)

Water Efficiency Rebates are Back!

Effective July 2, 2018 the City is once again offering water efficiency rebates for smart irrigation systems.  Get a credit up to $150 on your next utility bill by purchasing and installing a WaterSense irrigation controller in your existing home (new construction homes do not qualify for the rebate).  More details can be found in the brochure below.

Helpful Conservation Tips

  • DON’T water your lawn/landscaping between Noon and 6:00 p.m. when much of the water is evaporated by the hot summer sun.
  • DON’T over-water your lawn. Most lawns need about 1” per week to remain healthy and green.
  • DON’T collect grass clippings when you mow; the clippings provide shade for the soil and help prevent evaporation.
  • DO comply with the City’s odd-even watering restrictions to help prevent extreme demands on the water system.
  • DO position your sprinklers so the water lands on the lawn or garden, not on paved areas.
  • DO let your lawn go dormant during drought conditions; this saves water and time spent mowing.
  • DO choose shrubs or ground cover instead of grass for hard-to-water areas (steep slopes or isolated strips).
  • Water saving strategies for your lawn
  • Only run the dishwasher and washing machine when fully loaded (saves up to 1,000 gallons per month).
  • Install low-flow toilets, faucets and showerheads (saves up to 1,200 gallons per month).
  • Check for leaks and make repairs quickly (saves up to 500 gallons per month).
  • Compost food waste instead of sending it through the disposal with water (saves up to 150 gallons per month).

More Information

For more great water conservation ideas, visit these sites: