Accepting Comment Through August 6

The City of Rosemount is accepting public comments on the City's Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program (SWPPP) through Friday August 6, 2021.  The SWPPP is a document required by the State and Federal governments which outlines the City's programs and policies for reducing stormwater pollution.  A public meeting will be held during the July 20 City Council meeting where information will be provided about the SWPPP and where the public will be allowed to provide comments.  Comments can also be sent to the following:

City of Rosemount
Attn: Jane Byron
2875 145th Street West
Rosemount, MN  55068-4997

More on municipal stormwater permitting in Minnesota can be found on the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency website.

Storm System Overview

The Public Works Department maintains 85 miles of storm sewer throughout the City. This includes the inspection, cleaning and maintenance of more than 5,000 stormwater structures (manholes, catch basins and catch basin sumps).

How You Can Help

If you live near a storm drain, check to make sure it is clear of leaves and other debris, including snow and ice during the winter months. Flooding may occur during periods of heavy rain or rapid snow melt if the drains are blocked by debris, preventing the normal discharge of stormwater into the system. Clogged storm drains can also have a significant negative impact on local water bodies.  Watch this short video from Kare 11 News for more information on this issue.  Your help is appreciated!

If you see illegal dumping of oil, gasoline, paint or other chemicals into the storm drains, please contact the Public Works department at (651) 322-2022.

Read more about the many other ways you can help protect our wetlands and other surface water.

Helpful Resources

Surface Water Management Plan
Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)
Flyer - Pond and Wetland Protection
Vegetation and Sediment in Wetlands
What YOU can do to help
Kare 11 video - Salt Reduction Efforts Across MN
MnDOT video - Chloride and Our Water
MWMO video - Good Choices for Clean Water
Wetland Health Evaluation Program (WHEP)
Master Water Stewards program
Best Practices for Pools and Hot Tubs
Sign up to adopt a storm drain at
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