Water / Sewer Utility Billing

Water and Sewer Service

The City of Rosemount provides water and sewer service. It is supervised by the Rosemount Utility Commission, which sets policies for the service and advises the City Council. Responsibility for the water and sewer utilities is shared by the Finance and Public Works departments.

For questions about billing, meter reading, or starting/stopping service, contact the Utility Billing Department at (651) 322-2099 or by email at utility@ci.rosemount.mn.us.

For questions about a faulty or leaking meter, contact the Public Works Department at (651) 322-2022 or by email at pwadm@ci.rosemount.mn.us.

Fixed Rates vs. Usage Rates

In December 2018, the Rosemount Utility Commission and City Council approved a change that will phase out some of the fixed rates on your utility bill over the next three years and shift more of the billing towards usage billing. Since a greater portion of the utility bill will be based on usage instead of fixed charges, property owners will have greater control over their utility bill by managing the amount of water they use. Other benefits include:

  • Reduced overall utility bill for low and average users
  • Greater transparency in our billing methods, with easier-to-understand utility bills
  • Greater opportunity for individuals to lower their utility costs through conservation
  • Shifts the proportion of costs to the highest users who are putting the greatest strain on the system

Rates charged for residential water usage - 2021

 Usage in gallons, based on quarterly meter reading  Rates charged per 1,000 gallons
 0 - 12,000 $1.62
12,001 - 24,000 $2.03
24,001 - 48,000 $2.53
Over 48,000 $3.80

Sanitary sewer use charge: $4.95 per 1,000 gallons

Where Does My Money Go?

City staff uses a ten-year model to study the projected revenue and expenditures in the Water, Sewer, and Stormwater Utility funds (the funds supported by your utility bill payments). These funds are used to pay for the ongoing operation, maintenance, repair, and growth of our utility infrastructure. The models are reviewed annually with the Utility Commission and City Council. Rates are adjusted as needed to ensure the fund balances remain adequate through the ten-year plan and beyond. Small annual rate increases help to avoid large, periodic increases needed to fund expensive projects such as water tower painting, well pump refurbishing, water/sewer main replacement, and the purchase of new equipment.

Paying Your Bill

The City of Rosemount offers online billing and payment services via Payment Service Network (PSN). There is no charge to sign up to receive your bills online. [Learn about online billing.] However, there is a small fee associated  with payments made through PSN. To check the fees, visit our payment options page. 

Avoid fees - sign up for Direct Pay! You can avoid fees and pay your utility bill automatically through your checking or savings account via Direct Pay. With Direct Pay, your payment is withdrawn on the stated date without the need to drop off or mail the payment. Fill out an enrollment form to take advantage of automatic bill payments. There is no fee for this service. 

The amount of your bill depends on several factors, including the amount of water consumed and the use of your property.
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