Building Code Information

The City of Rosemount uses the following resources to enforce building standards and requirements:

City Code, specifically Title 9, Building Regulations

Minnesota State Building Code information.

Please refer to the Minnesota State Building Code for information on the International Building Code and International Residential Code.

Minnesota State Fire Code (MSFC)

National Electric Code (NEC)

Other Resources

Home Moisture Issues

As state building codes have changed to require fewer energy leaks from new homes, builders face a challenge of ensuring that homes are protected from water damage, especially from moisture that enters walls but cannot drain properly.

The City of Rosemount conducts building inspections of new structures for compliance with state codes. Inspectors employ criteria that are updated frequently to reflect the latest research into the best way to build healthy homes.

Rosemount City Building Official Rick Chase is available to discuss concerns at 651-322-2036. Another source of information is the Energy Information Center at the Minnesota Department of Commerce, by phone at 651-296-5175 or on the web, or the Minnesota Department of Health also provides information on mold and moisture issues.