Community Development/Building

Community Development performs functions related to protective inspections, land use planning, development plan review, redevelopment, and economic development. The Department also administers land use controls and implementation of the Comprehensive Plan in a manner consistent with City policies. The Department also promotes quality development aimed at creating a diversified tax base and a variety of housing opportunities. It is responsible for the administration of State Building Code regulating development to assure well-planned developments that offer a high quality of life.

To reach Building Permits & Inspections and Code Enforcement, call (651) 322-2024.

Community Development Director: (651) 322-2020

Senior Planner: Kyle Klatt (651) 322-2052

Planner: Anthony Nemcek (651) 322-2090

Building Official: Rick Chase (651) 322-2036

Economic Development Coordinator: Eric Van Oss (651) 322-2059  

See Economic Development for development opportunities in Rosemount. 

See a list of charges (including planning and zoning fees, park dedication charges, and building permit costs) in the City Fee List.

Planning Commission Regular Meeting 2-23-2021 @ 6:30 PM ZOOM Instructions

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