Water and Sewer

Water and sewer service is provided by the City of Rosemount.


Rosemount residents are served by two electric utilities. View a service map showing where the service boundaries are.
  • Dakota Electric - Phone: (651) 463-6212
  • Xcel Energy - Phone: (800) 895-4999

Natural Gas

Rosemount residential areas are served by two natural gas utilities.
  • Minnesota Energy - Phone: (800) 889-9508
  • Xcel Energy - Phone: (800) 895-4999
A small portion of the non-residential area of Rosemount is served by CenterPoint Energy.

Telephone and Cable Television

Rosemount is in the 651 area code. Areas to the immediate west of the City are in the 952 area code and require 10-digit dialing from Rosemount.
  • Charter Communications - Phone: (888) 438-2427
  • Frontier - Phone: (888) 376-6843
  • Gigabit Minnesota - Phone: (651) 888-4444


High-speed internet service is offered by the telephone and cable television companies listed above. Contact them to find out if your property is in their service areas.