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Planning and Zoning Review Fees (excerpt of Fee Resolution)

Administrative Appeals $250.00

Affidavits-Certificate of Authenticity $60.00

Appeal of Planning Commission Decisions to the City Council $150.00

City Staff Billing
For applications that include excessive staff time, services performed by City personnel will be billed at actual payroll costs including hourly rate, all payroll taxes and benefit charges. Services provided by City consultants will be billed at the current consultant rates.

Comprehensive Guide Plan Amendment Application Fee $3,000.00

Conditional Use Permit $1,000.00

Documents -
2030 Comprehensive Guide Plan $60.00 + tax
Comprehensive Stormwater Management Plan $92.00 + tax
Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Ordinance Same as City-wide document fee
Zoning Map
Black and White $5.00 + tax
Color – 11” x 17” $10.00 + tax
Color – 24” x 36” $25.00 + tax

Environmental Assessment Worksheets $1,800.00
Escrow fee for City Consultant Services. Applicant will be responsible for actual costs incurred by the city. $10,000.00

Interim Use Permits for Seasonal Sales of Christmas Trees For Periods of Less than 40 Days Per Calendar Year $40.00

All Other Interim Use Permits $500.00

Joint Applications
A planned unit development that includes a subdivision may have the fee waived for a preliminary plat at the discretion of the Community Development Director.

Small Scale Mineral Extraction Permit
Application Fee $700.00
Annual Fee $370.00
Surety Bond $7,500.00 per acre

Large Scale Mineral Extraction Permit
Application Fee $700.00
Annual Fee $370.00
Surety Bond $7,500.00 per acre

Rental Licensing $25.00

Planned Unit Development
Concept Plan $2,500.00+$20 per acre
Master Development Plan $2,500.00
Final Development Plan $2,000.00
Major Amendment $3,000.00
Minor Amendment $900.00

Rezoning $1,500.00

Permanent Installation $270.00+electrical permit
Temporary Signs:
For permits obtained after placing the sign $50.00
For permits obtained prior to placing the sign $10.00

Site Plan Review $1,200.00

Subdivision Fees
Preliminary Plat $2,000.00 + the following:
Residential $10.00 per unit
Commercial/Industrial $50.00 per acre
Final Plat $1,200.00
Lot Split $1,400.00
Administrative Plat/Simple Plat $1,120.00
Other Subdivision (waiver of subdivision) $800.00
Lot Combination $400.00 

TIF (Tax Increment Financing) Application Fee
Parcel in TIF $775.00
New TIF District $1,750.00

Transmission Facilities $1,000.00

Variance Petition Application Fee $200.00

Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment $1,800.00

Fee in Lieu of Tree Dedication $100.00 per caliper inch of tree replacement