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Large Gathering / Special Event Permit Application

  1. This application is for large gatherings/special events on PUBLIC (city) property only. For large gatherings/special events on PRIVATE property, please contact the City Clerk at (651) 322-2003.

  2. NOTE: Events must end by 10 p.m. unless granted a waiver by the Rosemount City Council

    NOTE: If requested, barricades will be delivered on the day of the event and will be picked up on the next business day following the event. For weekend events, barricades will be delivered Friday and picked up Monday.

  3. NOTE: Parking may be limited at some locations. Please provide a specific plan, including remote parking locations and any shuttle service that may be used.

  4. Attach a drawing that details the venue. Include band location and direction they will be playing, bar locations, food and beverage vendors, entrance/exit gates, perimeter fencing, restroom facilities, refuse containers, relationship to existing buildings, road closures, parking, etc. IF YOU CHOOSE NOT TO SUBMIT A SITE PLAN NOW, STAFF WILL CONTACT YOU TO SUBMIT ONE VIA EMAIL OR IN PERSON.

    NOTE: All massage activity must be licensed through the City of Rosemount

    NOTE: A special permit may be required for the sale, use and/or distribution of any alcohol

    NOTE: Permits from the MN Department of Health may be required

    NOTE: A special permit may be required from the State of MN Gambling Control Board

  5. You are required to provide portable restroom facilities at your event. The required amount of both ADA-accessible and non-accessible facilities will be based on your anticipated attendance. You are required to use the current City-contracted provider if your event is located on City property.

  6. You are required to provide trash cans, dumpsters and recycling receptacles at your event. The required amount will be based on your anticipated attendance. You are required to use the current City-contracted provider if your event is located on City property.

  7. Your event may require insurance. Specific types and amounts of coverage will be determined after a review of your application. Permits will not be authorized until insurance coverage has been obtained.

  8. This application must be fully completed and submitted to the City of Rosemount at least sixty (60) days BEFORE your event. ANY CHANGES TO THE APPLICATION ONCE IT IS SUBMITTED MUST BE DONE IN WRITING 14 CALENDAR DAYS AFTER SUBMISSION OF YOUR APPLICATION.

  9. I understand that the permit application fee is non-refundable and does not include the cost of additional fees, including but not limited to: facility rental, portable restroom rental fees, refuse fees, building permit fees, security fees, MN State permit fees, etc.

  10. I hereby certify that the information contained in the foregoing application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief, and that I have read, understand and agree to abvide by the City's ordinances and regulations governing this proposed Special Event. I also agree to comply with all other local, state, and/or federal laws that are applicable to the Event. I further certify that I understand that allowing non-permitted or unscheduled activities to occur during my event may result in increased costs to me and/or the Organization/Sponsor due to unanticipated operational expenses. I further certify that I, on behalf of myself and/or the Organization/Sponsor, agree to be financially responsible for paying any costs and fees to the City of Rosemount that are incurred by the City or on behalf of the event. If I cancel my event, I will notify the City as early as possible so as to minimize any any up-front cost. I understand that I will be charged for City services provided in advance of the event, up through the time of notice of cancellation.

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