City of Rosemount

Posted on: July 6, 2017

Water conservation rebates extended

Graphic for rebates extended

Rosemount residents now have until the end of 2017 to collect a rebate on appliances that are efficient with water.

The City Council voted to extend the program, which from January 2016 until mid June 2017 saved an estimated 738,200 gallons of water consumption through the City utility. Rosemount was one of 19 metro cities awarded a Water Efficiency Grant from the Metropolitan Council. State funding for the program has ended, but Rosemount will continue the program.  

The City will issue rebates to residential customers for the purchase and installation of:

  • WaterSense low-flow toilets (up to $50 per toilet)
  • EnergyStar washing machines (up to $150 per washer)
  • WaterSense irrigation controllers (up to $150 per controller) 

The program will end December 31, or sooner if the $15,000 budgeted for rebates is exhausted.

Rebate guidelines and forms can be picked up at City Hall or can be downloaded from the City’s water conservation webpage.

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