City of Rosemount

Posted on: March 28, 2017

Water system maintenance underway

Hydrant photo

Rosemount City crews will begin flushing more than 1,200 city fire hydrants beginning the week of April 10 if weather permits.  The procedure helps clear mineral deposits from water mains and ensures that each hydrant is in peak operating condition in case of emergency.  

Occasionally the process leads to discolored water in homes and businesses.  If this happens, residents are encouraged to run the water in all taps in their home until the water is clear again.  Avoid doing laundry until the water runs clear for several minutes.

Also this year, Public Works staff will continue a citywide inspection of all water main shut-off valves throughout the water delivery system.  Valves will be inspected, cleaned, and repaired if necessary.  This process, like hydrant flushing, can stir up deposits in the water mains.  If you notice discolored water in your home or business any time this summer, please let your water run for several minutes to clear the lines.  If you continue to have issues with discolored or odorous water, please call Public Works at 651-322-2022.

Visit the Rosemount Public Works webpage at for more information.

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