How Do I…?

  1. Apply for a Building Permit or Inspection

  2. Apply for a Business License

    Find out how to apply for a business license.

  3. Apply for a Job

    Explore your next career opportunity.

  4. Contact City Government

    View contact information for City departments and employees.

  5. Contact the City Council

    Get contact information to contact the City of Rosemount's elected officials.

  6. Pay a Utility Bill Online

  7. Pay Taxes

    Pay your City taxes online.

  8. Read City News

    Read up-to-date news and information.

  9. Register to Vote

    Voice your opinion in the upcoming election by registering to vote.

  10. Report a Problem

    See a problem? Report it to City officials.

  11. View City Events

    Attend City events, activities, and meetings.

  12. View City Maps

    Discover Rosemount by viewing City maps.