Business Incubator


Are you thinking of starting a business? Do you need a little help with an existing business? The City of
Rosemount wants you to be successful and has created this list of resources to help you on your
entrepreneurial journey.

While this online resource is a great starting point for you, there are numerous existing organizations
providing business assistance whose offices or websites may be of great use to you. We encourage you
to continue your research with those organizations and develop a network of professionals to refer to
along the way.

Business Resource Pages

  1. Business Assistance/Counseling

    Organizations that give advice to new or growing firms

  2. Business Education

    Teaching resources for new business owners

  3. Funding Your Business

    Getting financial advice and loan consideration for new businesses

  4. Legal Assistance, Tax, and Business Filing

    Legal Assistance Tax Business Filing

  5. Networking Opportunities

    Business-to-business connections for the new entrepreneur

  6. Other Community Resources

    Where else to turn for aid for new businesses

  7. Ten Steps to Starting a Business

    Tips on how to make a successful start for your concept.