For Residents

  1. Building Permits and Inspections

  2. Business Directory

  3. City Code

    Online version of ordinances that make up the Rosemount City Code

  4. City Holidays

    Find out what days the City of Rosemount closes its offices for official holiday observances.

  5. City Maps

    Explore the City of Rosemount by using these City maps.

  6. City Ordinances

    Learn about the Rosemount City Code of Ordinances and how they affect everything from governmental purchases to building codes.

  7. Community Survey

    Results of the May 2014 survey of Rosemount residents

  8. Demographics

    Obtain information about the City of Rosemount from housing types to median age.

  9. Employment Opportunities

    Discover your next career opportunity.

  10. Events

    Attend City events, meetings, and festivals by checking out the calendar.

  11. FAQs

    Get frequently asked questions answered.

  12. 55-Plus

    Programs of interest to older Rosemount residents

  13. Garage Sale Standards

    Contains requirements regarding garage sales within Rosemount.

  14. History of Rosemount

    Read the City of Rosemount's history.

  15. Home Improvement Loans

    A description of loans offered for residents for home improvement by the Dakota County CDA.

  16. New Resident Guide

    A pamphlet with details of interest to those starting a household in Rosemount

  17. News

    Access up-to-date news and information.

  18. Parking

    Rules on parking during snowplowing season; commercial vehicles; 24-hour parking limits

  19. Parks and Facilities

    Explore and rent the City's parks and facilities.

  20. Photo Gallery

    Discover the City of Rosemount one picture at a time.

  21. Refuse and Recycling

    Find information on bulk trash collection, hazardous waste disposal, and recyclable items.

  22. Schools

    View a list of public and nonpublic schools and colleges.

  23. Staff Directory

    Get contact information for City of Rosemount employees.

  24. State, Federal, and Local Resources

    Find important information from various resources on all levels of government.

  25. Traffic Information

    How to stay safe on Rosemount's streets

  26. Weather

    Check out the local forecast for the City of Rosemount.

  27. Utilities

    How to contact the companies that provide electricity, natural gas, and telephone service to Rosemount